5 Profitable Businesses You Can Start From Home

Many people dream of starting their own business, but they simply don’t have the capital to invest in a bricks and mortar business. Thankfully, due to technology, there are many options that don’t cost a lot of money to get started.

1. Virtual Assistant

You may think there is too much competition out there to become a VA and that you can’t make a good wage. But the truth is, you can. You just need to think outside the box a little. Instead of joining a freelancer site and competing against others who can work for peanuts, think more locally. Decide the types of services you can offer virtually and start offering them locally.

2. Bookkeeper

You may need to get a license but it’s simple enough to do by studying and taking a test at a testing center. Once you get your license you can start marketing yourself to local small business owners. You may need to stop by their business on a weekly basis to pick up information, or there are remote online systems that you can use to get into their bookkeeping software.

3. Online Business Manager

Believe it or not, many people who run online businesses need online business managers. An online business manager does pretty much what a business manager for any job does. They just do it online. They manage resources and people to lead the business to the goals set by the owner. As an online business manager, you will likely be responsible for organizing, planning, and finding the team to implement the goals that the owner wants to meet.

4. Amazon FBA

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. There are many ways to enter into this business. There is a lot to know about this business, but there are courses that you can take to help you learn how to run an FBA business. It’s an amazing opportunity and can lead to a very profitable business from home where all you do is buy products, list, and send to Amazon, and they do the rest.

5. Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer is someone who advertises and promotes someone else’s products or services, and when they make a sale they get a cut or a percentage of sales.

Affiliates for digital products usually make about 50% on sales, while physical products usually are lower than 10%. Having a mix of both types of products is a good way to offer your audience plenty of choices, but plenty of people make a lot of money doing either one – depending on how big their audience is and how good they are at reaching them.

Truths and Myths About Passion-Based Business

Thinking of passion-based business and Eileen Fisher quote (see below), I am inspired to share my observations of myths I have observed over the years, and the truths I practice myself and with my clients.

From the time my daughter was young, I let go of asking her for A’s at school. I invited her to follow her passion. I then gave her space to find her passion and her authentic voice. I also suggested that when she was not feeling successful, to check in to see if she had listened to her voice and was actually (still) following her passion.

Fast forward to today, following her passion, she speaks of how easy grad school is. No surprise she received straight A’s to affirm her commitment to her passion.


Let’s be clear, she is studying at an ivy league grad school so the work is not easy. During the year I heard about late hours and assignments due over holidays. What she shared was her perspective on the work. Her feelings about the work from her place of passion.

Like many of you, she is multi-passionate. During her “free” time, she lives into another of her passions, creating graphic art for both peace of mind and profit (some of you may have seen my recent posts about her pet-commissions). Living into her heART as an entrepreneur. Somehow, she makes the time to do both and more. We often speak about how this “work” nurtures her passion-energy and balances the grad work.

My daughter, my tribe and I know this as the Way of the YINpreneur. It is about the true meaning of R.O.I. = Return On Intention. Getting clear on your passion and authentic voice is your #journeytocenter.


Following your passion isn’t only about you or the work you are doing in the world being all woo-woo or easy. It is about leading from your heart, being clear about your passion, and speaking from this passion in your authentic voice. In this way, you are renewing versus draining your energy and moving forward. From this place, you can accept the work as part of your journey to realizing your magic. This is what I believe people mean when they are busting their buns to get things done yet say, “it doesn’t feel like work”.

[[firstname]], speaking of authentic voice… I was inspired to use the time given to me as I waited out the pouring rain before heading out to connect with family members visiting from California to create a Facebook live video to complement this share.

For now, I send you wishes for clarity of vision, passion and the power to manifest magic.

Hi, I am Karen McMillan, mom, YINpreneur and internationally certified, intuitive life and business coach (ACC, CUG)

My passion blending ancient wisdom with modern practice to help you slow down to speed up your success, and know life and business bliss.

Making Extra Income From Home

Generating an online income

With the internet opening up opportunities for people to work from home, is something that more and more people are trying to do. The problem is that most people don’t know where to start or what action to take to generate income online. Do you have trouble trying to make money from home? If so I’ve written this article because I believe I can help you get started to make money from the comfort of your home. This article will show you three ways that you can do that. First up we’ll discuss Affiliate Marketing, and then we’re gonna move on to taking Paid Surveys, and finally, we’re gonna discuss making money through Social Media.

Affiliate Marketing:

In the simplest terms, affiliate marketing is getting as many eyes on a product or program to look in the direction of its presence and benefit to the world. Many major companies offer an affiliate program to also help promote their products. Those major companies already understand the more eyes, the better sales. Finding a niche of your choice will probably be the easiest part of deciding on what sorts of products you would like to promote. Hobbies become a huge part of niche selection. Heres a few quick steps to take to begin generating an income online through affiliate marketing.

Step 1:
Select a niche of choice and do research on the niche to have a better approach to it before going in-depth with it.

Step 2:
Do research on the different number of affiliate programs and products to promote and make a commission off of.

Step 3:
Build a site or have a site created for you based on your niche selection.

Step 4:
Be as creative and unique as possible to create content. Using your mind and creativity will give you a better chance of creating an audience and following.

Step 5:
Building a solid following and audience is key to your business and site.

Step 6:
Promote the product or program. Getting as many eyes on the product to someone of interest or in need is very important. That’s what an affiliates purpose is to do.

Step 7:
The final step is to repeat steps #4-7 over and over again until your goal is reached.

Paid Surveys:

Paid surveys are much-needed from companies that range from small to big. The feedback of people around the world that have tried these products has a huge impact towards the company. This feedback is important in a few different ways. There’s even a way to MAKE MONEY from it. Your feedback determines the progress of present products and gives a helpful insight on a product that was purchased. There are plenty of paid survey sites. Most survey sites you come across are legit sites that allow you to earn real rewards. Rewards that vary from cash to gift cards. Heres a list of a few paid survey sites:


That’s just to name a few. Do your own research to see other surveys that offer paid rewards that can benefit you down the line. Good luck with finding something suitable and comfortable for you.

Social Media:

Making money through social media is something many people don’t know about. It’s becoming pretty big due to the fact that many people are trying to get their products, brands, and programs out into the world. That’s a very helpful step in the right direction when you’re building an empire. The more fans and followings you have will no doubt increase as so does the improvement of the product. Being creative and creating a format will stand out more so than any other beginning level competitors. Of course, it’s not recommended to try competing with major prestige like companies, but being confident in yourself is a key factor in building a platform and generating income online. Believing in yourself and your product more than anyone else will push you to become a better person and knowing you have something beneficial to offer to the world. Social Media platforms vary from:


The number of platforms to choose from is almost limitless but it’s best to choose the social media platform you are most comfortable with to help benefit your progress.